FRC 2168 - RoboRio Beta Test

This is the main website for Team 2168 2015 FRC Control System Documentation. This website will contain information Team 2168 has learned through Alpha and Beta testing in order to serve as a learning resource for future members of Team 2168 and the general FRC community.

Electrical FAQ

##How do I wire up the control system? FIRST provided a great picture in one of their blogs, showing a typical wire diagram for the new 2015 control system, reposted below:

The one thing that is missing is the D-link, which would plug into the VRM for power, and connect to the roboRIO via Ethernet cable.

This diagram still shows the early thought of using a USB Bridge directly plugged into the roboRIO (which was scraped after alpha testing and replaced by using the trusted D-link)

##What wire should I use for the new weidmuller connectors? Refer to the official FRC rules for specific wiring requirements, however with that said,

We have had a lot of success using 18 awg “outdoor security wire”. These typically come with thin walled jackets and you can find them in shielded or non-shielded varients. The wire we used during beta testing we bought at home depot 18 awg security wire.

  • We use 18-2 wire for all control system interconnects (power and CAN)
  • We use 6 awg battery cables
  • We use 22-2 cable for PWM cables (no center wire needed), solenoid wires, and 5 V sensors

We buy our wires in singles and spin our own lengths from this site: