FRC 2168 - RoboRio Beta Test

This is the main website for Team 2168 2015 FRC Control System Documentation. This website will contain information Team 2168 has learned through Alpha and Beta testing in order to serve as a learning resource for future members of Team 2168 and the general FRC community.

Vision FAQ

##Can I use a USB camera plugged into the RoboRio? Yes, FIRST is providing official support for the HD3000 camera. Most other cameras should work out-of-the-box if they work on *nix systems.

##Does OpenCV run on the RoboRio? Yes, the RoboRio is very similar to a beaglebone in terms of processor architecture. Instructions to get this running can be found here: (Link Coming Soon!)

##What performance can I expect when running vision processing on the RoboRio? This generally depends on which functions of OpenCV you wish to use. Some are more processor intensive than others. We stressed the RoboRio with the same vision code we ran in the 2014 season.

Check out our Vision IP Camera Test Page

Check out our [Vision USB Camera Test Page]() (Link Coming Soon!)